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Smart eBookings is a reservation system, commonly known as a central reservation system (CRS) is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a property such as hotel, resort or other lodging facilities as well as cinema, restaurant, bus / train tickets. A CRS offers assistance to owners or / and sales agents to manage all of their online marketing and sales where they can upload their rates and service availabilities to be seen by sales channels.

The list of main modules that are present in a CRS are: Search, Content, Information stored on a CRS and Reporting.

Content consists of Reservations, Profiles, Groups and Blocks, Rate and Inventory Control, Administration, Global Distribution Interface, Web-based Interface. Information commonly stored in a CRS consists of Types, Rates, Rate Plans and Conditions (guarantee, deposit, customized cancellation rules, minimum numbers, maximum numbers, closed to arrival, arrival, departure conditions, etc…), Inventories, Generic property information (address, phone number, fax number), Reservation information. The CRS Reporting module provides a number of standard reports. System reports may be generated automatically and may be run daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It includes Expected Arrivals, Reservation, Property Forecast, Total Booking Activity, Stay Activity, Monthly Booking Activity, Daily Booking Activity and Property Detail.

The Existing System

Most properties run a manual booking system and therefore requires customers to only book for rooms or any other service by walking to the receptionist or calling them on phone or using a third party option. Any enquiry to be made demanding feedback must usually be forwarded to the property in person. Sometimes management is given false reports concerning the work flow of the property and employees also give falsified pricing information to customers from time to time. Details of customers are hardly used in the traditional book keeping methods and that also, records are not properly kept; books used to keep records are disposed of when they get filled up.

This Online Central Reservation System was developed to replace the manual process of booking for a property (room or any other service). It will be used to manage the front-desk activities of a property, and able to accept reservations, to record information about the guests, to verify availability, and to allocate to the guests.

Smart eBookings will provide service to on-line customers, travel agents, and an administrator. On-line customers and travel agents can make searches, reservations and cancel an existing reservations through Internet.

Powerful. All In One.

  • Revolutionary booking engine platform lets engage you with B2C users and B2B sub agencies to make more sales.
  • Use your own website, domain name, or purchase new one through Smart eDesigners. Sell the rooms, appointment, tickets and other scheduling deals under your brand.
  • Our cloud-based IBE (internet booking engine) is a low cost comprehensive travel booking engine with excited features.
  • Smart eBooking is 100% mobile ready. Your website will look and perform equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones with no extra coding or design work.
  • Smart eBooking offers payment gateway integration of your choice. Sell online deals on your website and receive payments directly into your account.
    • Use social media to increase revenue by allowing customers to book online through your Facebook page.
    • Add extras such as breakfast, additional beds, courses and tailor make your own packages to suit.
    • Adjust prices according to seasons.
  • Analyze and gain insight into your online booking engine's growth. See which sectors are selling more and tweak marketing campaigns according to that.

* Some of these features are only available with our ManagePro account.